Ever wondered how a Combi boiler is made?

Ever wondered how your Combi boiler is actually manufactured? There are many highly technical components in the average combination boiler, including these: Primary heat exchanger Air intake system Water pressure sensor Gas valve Secondary heat exchanger Bypass valve Hot water impeller sensor Flue connection ring Thermal module/gas burner Expansion tank Gas ignition electrode Fan Air … Read moreEver wondered how a Combi boiler is made?

What are TRVs?

What are Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) and do you need them? Image source: Vaillant   TRVs are Thermostatic Radiator Valves and are used to control air temperature in a room by automatically adjusting the amount of hot water flowing into the radiator(s) to which they are fitted. They are a cost effective way of controlling … Read moreWhat are TRVs?

Understand correct boiler pressure and how to fix it if it is too low.

Checking your boiler’s pressure and re-pressurising it is something that you can do for yourself. We always advise that you turn on your heating before the autumn to check that it is working properly. This will save you from the problems that often arise in the winter, when the boiler breaks down and Gas Safe … Read moreUnderstand correct boiler pressure and how to fix it if it is too low.

Are you ready for winter?

It’s the middle of winter and the heating has gone wrong. It is something we dread, but winter is the most likely time for a boiler breakdown. Some people are super-organised and well-prepared for whatever is coming up – including the weather! The rest of us have lengthy “to-do” lists on which we do the … Read moreAre you ready for winter?

Boiler breakdowns and the elderly

Keep an eye on elderly neighbours and learn to spot the warning signs of hypothermia Image source: Gas Safety Week 2019 It is harder to get an engineer out to fix a boiler breakdown in the winter, because this is the peak time for such incidents. When there is no heating in the house, warmth … Read moreBoiler breakdowns and the elderly

Why the annual Gas Safety Week is so important.

Every September the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) runs its awareness-raising Gas Safety Week to raise awareness of the dangers of failing to take care of gas appliances. The event is co-ordinated by the Gas Safe Register, the official list of gas engineers who are legally allowed to work on your gas appliances. Every September … Read moreWhy the annual Gas Safety Week is so important.

Tips for greater energy efficiency in your home

boiler cover

We have some tips for ways you can save energy As worries about the future of the planet become ever more serious many of us wonder what we can do to make our homes more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. But if you already have one of the newest generation combination boilers and a programmable … Read moreTips for greater energy efficiency in your home

Boiler Finance

How do you finance the cost of a replacement boiler? Image Source: Vaillant Buying a new boiler and having it installed is not something many of us have the cash reserves to just pay for outright, so it is likely you will need a finance deal to spread the payments. There are several ways to … Read moreBoiler Finance

Buying a New Boiler – It’s not just about price

Choosing your new boiler is about more than price Image Source: Vaillant Replacing your boiler when it is nearing the end of its life is a significant outlay, and we have discussed the various finance options in a previous blog. However, there is more to consider alongside price – what about the boiler make, its … Read moreBuying a New Boiler – It’s not just about price

Fix your heating while the sun shines!

Why it is important to take care of your boiler and heating system in a timely fashion. It is one of those tasks that are better taken care of in the summer months, when you don’t need to use your heating system, but all too often boiler service and having the radiators and pipework system … Read moreFix your heating while the sun shines!