Cleaning your heating system.

Cleaning your heating system.

MagnaCleanse®: A new way to clean your heating system.

We described in an earlier blog the process of having a power-flush carried out on your heating system to keep it free from the debris and sludge that can cut down on its efficiency.

However, a power-flush using chemicals can take several hours to complete and a newly developed system that uses magnets rather than chemicals can do the same job, effectively, in roughly two hours.

MagnaCleanse® system flushing needs to be carried out by your Gas Safe engineer and its makers say that a single power-flush will remove an average of 3kg of sludge and other deposits from an ageing heating system. It can remove all black iron oxide contamination in one go. It can even remove hardened debris that can otherwise be difficult to dislodge.

It uses a specially-designed filter system that is attached to your heating system to carry out the flush.

The filter system consists of a unique swirl chamber, in the centre of which sits a powerful magnetic core.

The contaminated water returning from the system during a power-flush is forced around and along the length of the magnet where any oxide particles are exposed to the powerful magnetic field.

The process is up to three times faster than previous power-flush methods and uses 90% less water.

The results will be obvious as your newly-cleaned heating system performs more effectively and efficiently, saving you money on your energy bills.

The Magnacleanse® system is recommended by many boiler manufacturers and UK Boiler Care is now using it for all new boiler installations.

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