Boiler Finance

How do you finance the cost of a replacement boiler? Image Source: Vaillant Buying a new boiler and having it installed is not something many of us have the cash reserves to just pay for outright, so it is likely you will need a finance deal to spread the payments. There are several ways to … Read moreBoiler Finance

Buying a New Boiler – It’s not just about price

Choosing your new boiler is about more than price Image Source: Vaillant Replacing your boiler when it is nearing the end of its life is a significant outlay, and we have discussed the various finance options in a previous blog. However, there is more to consider alongside price – what about the boiler make, its … Read moreBuying a New Boiler – It’s not just about price

Fix your heating while the sun shines!

Why it is important to take care of your boiler and heating system in a timely fashion. It is one of those tasks that are better taken care of in the summer months, when you don’t need to use your heating system, but all too often boiler service and having the radiators and pipework system … Read moreFix your heating while the sun shines!